Community Café mornings are held in the Main Hall once a month, from 10:30am to noon. All are welcome to join us for coffee/tea and cakes. Various local groups take it in turns to host these coffee mornings; proceeds are divided between the hosting club and the Langham Community Centre.

Community Café mornings also offer the opportunity to browse the Used Book Sale and visit the Parish Council Surgery. The monthly 100 Club Draw is made at 11:30am.

The 100 Club is a monthly draw. Each summer the Langham Community Centre sells 100 numbers for a year running from Sept-Aug. The monthly draw is made at the Community Cafe, or in the Community Shop in months without a Cafe.

Each number costs £26. The cash prizes each month are:

1st: £40; 2nd £25; 3rd £15; 4th £10.

It is possible to join the draw part way through the year if numbers are available. All proceeds go towards the upkeep of the Community Centre.

24th Jun 2016: Hosted by Langham Oaks School

29th Jul 2016: No coffee morning, draw at Community Shop

26th Aug 2016: No coffee morning, draw at Community Shop

30th Sep 2016: Macmillan Coffee Morning

28th Oct 2016: Hosted by 2nd Langham Scouts

25th Nov 2016: Hosted by The Shepherd Pub

27th Jan 2017: Hosted by Langham Community Shop

24th Feb 2017: Hosted by Friends of Langham Oaks

31st Mar 2017: Hosted by Langham WI

28th Apr 2017: Hosted by Langham Pre-School

26th May 2017: Hosted by Langham Bowls Club

30th Jun 2017: Hosted by Langham Film Nights